Unwrapping your flowers Perth flowers are the freshest they can be, directly imported from Holland. Then your bouquet is made to order by one of our expert florist. When your flowers are received they may take upto 48 hours to reach their full potential and open, but this also means they will last that little bit longer for you to enjoy. Some flowers may take longer to open up than others but rest assured they will come to their best after a short period of time, it’s worthwhile remembering that some flowers live longer than others, due to the flower type. Please ensure that if you are using your own vase when you get your flowers delivered that there is no foliage in the water as it can cause excess bacteria in the water causing harm to the flowers, so it’s best to cut off any excess foliage. Trimming Perth Flowers You will be provided with flower food which you should add to fresh water in a clean container before putting your flowers in it. We always recommend that you trim your flowers on delivery, its best to cut the stems diagonally to give the stem a larger surface area meaning it can absorb as much water as possible. We recommend trimming around 2cm from the ends of the stems. Perviously you may have been advised to smash your stems however Perth flowers do not agree that you should do this as it can damage te water vessels in the flowers stems. Arranging your flowers After the unwrapping and trimming of your flowers then you are ready to arrange your flowers. If your flowers are already supplied in a vase or basket you don’t have to rearrange them as one of our expert florist has already taken the time to make your flowers look th best they can be. Don’t put your flowers in direct sunlight as the heat and light can cause them to dry out quickly, the same rules apply for radiators, its best to keep your flowers well away from heat sources as it will dehydrate your flowers and prematurely age them.  Ripening fruits can caus damage to your flowers too so its advisable to keep them away from your flowers too.   If you would like any more information don’t hesitate to call us if you think we can answer any questions you have, call us on   01738 479092 or email us at flowers@perthflowers.co.uk