Some Interesting Facts About Spring And Valentine’s Day Flowers by Perth Florist

Published : 09/01/2015 16:11:28
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Some Interesting Facts About Spring And Valentine’s Day Flowers by Perth Florist

Valentine’s Day is a period when flower sales exceed twenty million in a single day and this applies to roses in particular. In Scotland for instance, over a million men and women celebrating this day of love spent well over 40 million pounds buying flowers for their partners. Even though men are the majority buyers, there is also a notable increase in the number of women who purchase flowers for their men. Strong and vibrant flowers that range from the sculptured shapes and the exotic types to the roses are now popularly purchased by women. To buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can contact florists Perth considering they have many choices to pick from.


Roses are popular for the simple fact that they their soft petals show sensuality and the fragrance they produce makes people fall in love. Many scientific studies conducted have discovered that roses generate certain chemicals that make us feel generally happy. In fact, a good number of aroma-therapists like to use oil from roses to reduce levels of tension and stress thereby making an individual feel healthy.

Nowadays, it is common practice for most people to send different types of flowers other than roses during Valentine’s Day.

Even though a large number of people send rose flowers on Valentine’s Day, there are different types of spring flowers that come in different shades like pinks and reds. These are particularly suitable if you would like to adhere to the tradition of Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, a new trend is picking up where people send large bouquets of flowers that blossom in spring. These are usually available in vibrant colours while others are highly scented and are classified as seasonal flowers. Some good examples include lilac and narcissus. For the individuals who consider themselves to be more adventurous, the antirrhinum which has the shape of a large love heart can be purchased in pink, white lip-stick red and lime green.

Exotic Flowers

The exotic types of flowers including the rarely seen orchids like the Oncidium, slipper orchid and the Paphiopedilum are some of the varieties that are considered glamorous by celebrities who can be spotted receiving and giving during the season of love. Other tropical and exotic types of flowers such as the perfumed Tuberose and Bird of Paradise pass on a message of uniqueness and individualism. As a result, some people often prefer to send and receive them as Valentine’s Day flowers. To select your preferred flowers for the period of love florists Perth can be of great help.

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